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March 1 to May 5, 2019

March 1 to May 5, 2019

Submission of full papers
March 1 to May 5, 2019

March 1 to May 5, 2019

Revision of submitted papers
By May 12, 2019

By May 12, 2019

Registration of presenters
(as conference participants)


Have you submitted your full Paper yet? Have you filled in the presenter’s name?
If not, read the instructions to authors, prepare your paper according to the template provided and proceed with the paper submission

By following the "My submissions" link, signed in authors can submit their full papers and assign a presenter.

If your abstract was invited or accepted by a structured session organiser but for some reason you didn't submit your abstract electronically by Febrouary 28, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All authors whose abstract has been submitted electronically and has been accepted for presentation at the UACE2019 conference are invited to submit a paper.

Each abstract/paper is associated with a “corresponding author” who submits the abstract/paper, fill in the presenter’s name and receives all correspondence regarding abstract/paper submission and paper presentation.

ONLY FULL PAPERS of authors that registered and participated in UACE2019 will be included in the Conference Proceedings and in the online database on this site.

The editors reserve the right to reject those papers that are presented in too poor English, or that contain commercial rather than scientific content, or may request an immediate revision by the corresponding author.

Online submission of a paper - Abstract & Paper Revision

Only the corresponding author may make revisions and corrections via "My Submissions" link.

The corresponding author may:
Revise the Abstract Title and Abstract (only slight adaptation is permitted), authors' and presenter's names.
Upload the Full Paper or a revised version of it.

Please check the Visual Guide to Full Paper Upload and Abstract / Paper Revision

All revisions must be made no later than May 5, 2019.

Before starting paper submission: please go through the terms and conditions. Proceeding with the submission process implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Abstract and Full Paper Withdrawals

Withdrawal requests (from the corresponding author only) should be made by May 12, 2019. A notification email must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms and conditions

Practical arrangements

  • Abstracts and Papers sent by mail, fax or e-mail will NOT be handled
  • Only accepted papers of authors that registered and participated in the UACE2019 conference will be considered for publication
  • All papers will be checked for layout by the editorial board

Paper policy and regulations

With the submission of a paper to UACE2019, the corresponding author:

  • accepts responsibility for the content of the submitted paper (please proofread the paper carefully prior to submission!);
  • accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence about the paper and inform co-authors about its status;
  • confirms that all co-authors are aware of and agree to the content of the paper and support the data presented;
  • confirms that he/she and all co-authors are aware and agree with the following note:
    "With the submission of a manuscript, and if a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author(s) agree to the right of the publisher to produce electronic versions and the right for electronic storage in databases as well as the right to reproduce and publish such versions offline without any extra remuneration."
  • states that for studies involving human or animal subjects, permission has been obtained from the relevant regulatory authority and properly informed consent given where appropriate.


Lenght of presentations

Invited and contributed papers will be allotted 20 minutes (incl. time for discussions).

Supported file formats of presentations

PowerPoint format (*.ppt *.pps *.pptx *.ppsx )or Portable Document Format (*.pdf). 

Projectors format

The standard format of the projectors in the conference rooms will be 4:3

Videos format

We recommend using .mp4 videos encoded with H.264 video and AAC audio (MPEG-4 AVC). Other supported file formats are .mpg .wmv .avi. If you use a different codec or video format, please check its functionality in your lecture room, well in advance of your presentation.


Each paper to be presented in the Conference, should be accompanied by at least one registration. An individual may be the presenting author of more than one paper. The presenting author does not have to be the first author to appear on the abstract but he/she has to register for the conference (as every other conference participant).

All presenters should register (as participants in the conference) using the electronic registration form by May 12, 2019 so that their presentation is included in the Conference Program and the book of abstracts.

Please note that creating an account in authors' area and submitting an abstract/paper for the conference does not entitle you as a conference participant. The registration to the conference process has to be attended.

For technical issues related to papers submission, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.