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  • Preliminary Programme

The conference programme

The UA2019 preliminary conference programme includes 251 lectures in total.

Download the Preliminary Programme in xls file format.

The final Conference programme will be published end of May.

The timetable above includes 22 structured sessions and 5 regular sessions:

  1. Memorial Session for Jean-Pierre Hermand
  2. Underwater acoustic calibration, testing, facilities and standards
  3. Acoustic Monitoring of Ocean Environments and Processes: Biology, Ecology, Geophysics and Man-made activities
  4. Towards Automatic Target Recognition. Detection, Classification and Modelling
  5. Underwater Communications and Networking
  6. Underwater Noise - Modelling and Measurements
  7. Underwater Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Detection and Remediation
  8. Comprehensive nuclear test-ban treaty monitoring
  9. Acoustics in polar environments
  10. Design of new experimental facilities to address future problems in underwater acoustics
  11. Large Time-Bandwidth acoustic signals for target detection and tracking
  12. Marine sediment acoustics
  13. Machine learning, compressive sensing and signal processing
  14. Environmental acoustics and noise
  15. Acoustics of marine renewable energy developments
  16. Advances in acoustic measurement systems: Technologies and applications
  17. Modeling techniques for underwater acoustic scattering and propagation
  18. Multibeam Echo Sounding: Bathymetry and sediment Classification
  19. Situation-adaptive distributed networked systems
  20. Sonar performance modeling and verification. Applications to active and passive sonar
  21. Target Echo Strength-Measurements and Modelling
  22. Vector Hydrophone Research
  23. Mine countermeasures
  24. Inversion methods in underwater acoustics
  25. Signal and image processing
  26. Sound propagation in shallow and deep water
  27. Neural networks and info processing

A detailed list of all sessions can be found here.