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The conference programme

The UA2021 conference programme includes 152 lectures in total.

Times refers to Eastern European Summer Time (EEST, UTC+3)

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Last update, June 09, 2021: Since the publication of the final conference programme, minor changes applied in sessions 16, 14 and 18.

The timetable above, last updated on June 09, includes 16 structured sessions, 3 regular sessions and the AB Wood Medal lecture:

  • S01. Acoustic Monitoring of Ocean Environments and Processes: Biology, Ecology, Geophysics and Man-made activities
  • S02. Acoustics in polar environments
  • S03. Advances in acoustic measurement systems: Technologies and applications, hydrophone research
  • S04. Comprehensive nuclear test-ban treaty monitoring
  • S05. Design of new experimental facilities to address future problems in underwater acoustics
  • S06. Environmental acoustics and noise - Modelling and Measurements
  • S07. Marine Mammals Research: Acoustic perspectives
  • S08. Marine sediment acoustics
  • S09. Modeling techniques for underwater acoustic scattering and propagation (including 3D effects)
  • S10. Multibeam Echo Sounding: Bathymetry and sediment Classification
  • S11. Situation-adaptive distributed networked systems
  • S12. Sonar performance modeling and verification. Applications to active and passive sonar
  • S13. Towards Automatic Target Recognition. Detection, Classification and Modelling
  • S14. Underwater acoustic calibration, testing, facilities and standards
  • S15. Underwater Communications and Networking
  • S16. Underwater Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Detection and Remediation
  • S17. Signal Processing
  • S18. Propagation Modelling II
  • S19. Marine Security
  • A B Wood Medal Prize

A detailed list of all sessions can be found here.