2019_programme: BETSSIIII

  • Session: 21. Target Echo Strength-Measurements and Modelling
    Organiser(s): Williams Duncan, Nunn David, Nijhof Marten
  • Lecture: BETSSIIII [invited]
    Paper ID: 1184
    Author(s): Nijhof Marten, Gilroy Layton, Ehrlich Jan, Schäfer Ingo, Fillinger Laurent
    Presenter: Nijhof Marten
    Presentation type: oral
    Abstract: The first “Benchmarking of Target Strength Simulations” (BeTSSi) workshop was initiated by the Forschungsanstalt der Bundeswehr für Wasserschall und Geophysik (FWG) in 2001, and the first workshop was organized by FWG in Kiel, Germany in November 2002. Six teams from various nations benchmarked their TES prediction tools using a generic submarine model (with internal parts) and a number of simple structures (with and without internal components). In 2013, WTD 71/FWG, TNO and DRDC believed that the scientific and computational advances warranted another look and a second BetSSi workshop was organized in Kiel, Germany in 2014. During this workshop, which included new benchmark cases, 20+ institutes from 10 nations participated. The results from this second workshop where revisited and the benchmark cases where extended (to assess contribution of an isolated corner reflector and groupings of tubes) during the BeTSSi IIb workshop that was held in The Hague, The Netherlands in September 2016. Planning for the third BeTSSi workshop is currently on its way. An overview of the foreseen benchmark cases will be presented.
  • Corresponding author: Dr Nijhof Marten
    Affiliation: TNO
    Country: Netherlands