UACE2023: An Improved Squint Wideband Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imaging ?k Algorithm

    • Session:
      Acoustic imaging
    • Paper:
      An Improved Squint Wideband Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imaging ?k Algorithm
    • Author(s):
      Jinbo Wang, Jinsong Tang, Zhen Tian, Pan Huang, Zhang Sen
    • Abstract:
      The ?k algorithm is a true broadband, wide-beam and high-squint imaging algorithm. In the treatment of squint problem, the two-dimensional wavenumber domain tilt caused by the non-zero Doppler center which caused by strabismus, made the azimuth wave number processing more complex, which reduces the data utilization efficiency and image quality. Aiming at the problem of broadband squint SAS data imaging, we propose a method for Doppler centroid correction by simply multiplying the phase term in the range wavenumber domain and azimuth space domain, And then constructs an equivalent SAS side-looking geometry model by constructing a new wavenumber domain coordinate system. Then, interpolation is performed in the distance wavenumber domain and the azimuth wavenumber domain respectively, and the two-dimensional wavenumber domain data under broadband squint condition is transformed into equivalent side-looking data, and ultimately focus the image using the classic ?k algorithm. The algorithm can realize the image focusing and avoid the large amount of zero-padding and data movement in the algorithm of distance migration under squint condition, and improve the data utilization and processing efficiency. Point target simulation data processing verifies the effectiveness and practicability of the proposed algorithm.
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      Dr Jinbo Wang
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      College of Electronic Engineering, Naval Univ. of Engineering
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